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At Hannah Rebecca Cosmetic Clinic we pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service and patient care. This means that from the moment you contact us, you will be warmly welcomed and provided with professional, expert advice. 

We understand that skin care can sometimes feel overwhelming, this is why we offer complimentary consultations to help educate and support our patients, ensuring that their treatment is bespoke to their needs. 





STEP 1 - Book an Appointment. 

  • Using our online booking system, select a time and date suitable for you.

  • There is a holding fee required to secure your appointment, however this can be redeemed against treatments or products. Alternatively if we are unable to assist you, your fee will be refunded.

  • You will receive a confirmation email, detailing key information and medical forms to be completed prior to your consultation. 

STEP 2 - Attend your Appointment. 

  • An initial health assessment will be conducted, detailing any medical conditions or concerns. 

  • We will discuss your skin concerns (ageing, wrinkles, laxity, acne, pigmentation etc) analysing the degree of severity. 

  • Once we have established your concerns, we will devise a customisable treatment plan, which will deliver achievable results.

  • We will discuss all aspects of proposed treatments including the benefits and possible side effects, aftercare and home routines to enhance your results.

STEP 3 - Asking Questions.

  • During your consultation, we welcome questions throughout. It is important to us that you are comfortable and feel fully informed about your options. 

STEP 4 - Cool Off.

  • We recommend after your consultation, you have time to process the information and ensure you consider all options. We respect that any treatment is a big commiment and that further questions may arise. Due to this we welcome any further questions you may have regarding your treatment plan and will be happy to help. 

STEP 5 - Book your Treatment.

  • Now that you have considered your options and have selected a treatment suitable for you, it it time to book your appointment. All skin appointments can be booked online via our booking system.

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